Christ Church
Raleigh, North Carolina

This complex restoration project included the complete historic restoration of the interior, including structural repair & renovation of the floor system, undercroft expansion, new HVAC System, new electrical & lighting system, restoration and cleaning of the wonderful French Caen stone reredos, complete acoustical improvements, and restoration of faux granite finish on plaster walls surfaces.  We designed the new light fixtures to be historically appropriate as well as to provide good levels of reading light and uplighting for the beautifully restored wooden ceiling structure.  The historic ingrain wool carpet runners were woven in England and based on the designs of Augustus Welby Pugin.

Christ Church is the only church in North Carolina that is designated as a National Historic Landmark -

Original Architect: Richard Upjohn, 1852

Restoration Architect:
Eason & Farlow Design, PA, 2001

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